Creating Hope and Opportunity: Empowering Detroit's Youth Through Community Developmen

Calvin Colbert is a name synonymous with youth empowerment and community development in Detroit. As the Executive Director of Detroit Impact Center, he has dedicated the past 27 years of his life to improving the lives of young people in the city.

Detroit Impact is a non-profit organization that was established to work with the youth in the community to teach, mentor, guide, motivate, and encourage them. The center operates as part of a vision of community development, with a focus on Detroit’s West side neighborhoods. The center’s mission is to assist the youth in becoming responsible members of the community through the provision of programs and services designed to obtain their interest

At the heart of Detroit Impact’s success is Calvin Colbert’s passion for working with youth. His tireless efforts have made the center a hub for youth activities and development programs in the city. Colbert’s work has been focused on helping low-income and at-risk youth to develop a sound value system, strong personal motivation, and positive self-esteem.

Under Colbert’s leadership, Detroit Impact has become a model for community development in Detroit. The center’s programs include after-school tutoring, job readiness training, and leadership development programs. These programs are a cooperative effort with parents, churches, schools, the business community, and neighborhood residents.

Colbert’s dedication to youth empowerment and community development has been recognized by many organizations. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work, including the Spirit of Detroit Award and the Michigan Chronicle Men of Excellence Award.

Through his work at Detroit Impact, Colbert has shown that young people can achieve anything they set their minds to with the right support. He has created a safe and supportive environment where young people can learn, grow, and develop new skills. Many of the youth who have benefited from the center’s programs have achieved great things, becoming community leaders and successful professionals.

Calvin Colbert’s passion for working with youth has been a driving force behind Detroit Impact’s success. His dedication to the center’s mission and his commitment to improving the lives of young people in the Detroit community have made him a role model for others to follow. Through his work, he has shown that youth empowerment and community development are not just noble causes but achievable with the right support and dedication

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