Empowering Students: The Passion and Dedication of a Community Director

Access to education is considered a basic human right, but unfortunately, not all students have equal opportunities to pursue higher education. In disadvantaged communities, students often face limited access to educational resources and financial barriers that hinder their educational aspirations. However, passionate individuals and organizations are dedicated to helping these students overcome these challenges and achieve their dreams. Cyekeia Lee is one such individual who has made it her life’s mission to empower students and improve access to higher education.

Cyekeia Lee is an experienced Community Director with a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Community Counseling/Sports and Exercise Counseling from Wayne State University. Throughout her career, she has held various leadership positions in different organizations, including Director of Community Collaboration at The Kalamazoo Promise, Director of Higher Education Initiatives at the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY), Director of The Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo, and currently, as the Executive Director of the Detroit College Access Network.

Cyekeia has worked with community stakeholders and experts in the field to develop, foster, and expand strategic relationships to ensure the success of students. Her primary goal is to provide students with enriching and diverse activities and experiences. She seeks out new best practices, fosters collaborative strategies, and explores innovative practices to ensure that children and youth get the necessary support to succeed. She has a track record of developing positive relationships with community residents, local non-profit organizations, and businesses.

One of Cyekeia’s most notable achievements is developing a national model of statewide networks for homeless youth that access higher education while working as Director of Higher Education Initiatives at NAEHCY. She collaborated with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Post-Secondary Education, Federal Student Aid, and the Government Accountability Office to improve college access for homeless youth. Cyekeia also delivered over 100 training to school district McKinney-Vento liaisons, high school and higher education counselors, service providers, and college access staff on issues affecting homeless youth.

Currently, Cyekeia serves as the Executive Director of the Detroit College Access Network, where she leads the organization’s efforts to help students in Detroit access and complete college. She works tirelessly to develop positive relationships with local schools, businesses, and organizations to ensure students have the necessary resources to succeed. Cyekeia’s leadership has been instrumental in increasing the number of students who enroll in college and complete their degrees.

Cyekeia Lee’s unwavering dedication to empowering students and improving access to higher education has significantly impacted the community. Her experience in leadership positions, collaborations with stakeholders and experts, and positive relationships with non-profit organizations and businesses are testaments to her outstanding leadership skills in the non-profit organization management industry. She is a shining example of the importance of providing equitable opportunities for all students to achieve their educational dreams.

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