Empowering Youth and Parents: BellXcel Launches Software

BellXcel has announced the release of its proprietary youth program management software, Arly. This new platform is purpose-built from 30 years of practitioner experience and evidence of all the ingredients essential for high-quality out of school youth programs. It has earned industry recognitions, including the 2022 EdTech Breakthrough Award and finalist for the 2022 EdTech Digest Awards for Best Emerging Technology Solution. Thousands of users from community-based organizations, camps, and schools across the country have already implemented earlier versions of Arly.

The solution enables youth program providers to utilize a multitude of tools and software to run their programs, including online registration, payment, and enrollment, placing families or guardians in the driver’s seat for data input of their child’s information. Data then flows to power attendance and rostering functionality for participant management. Furthermore, communication apps facilitate strong family engagement with direct messages, photo sharing, and announcements.

Arly is an evidence-based approach to program planning and analytics dashboard that helps programs stay on track with data-driven decisions to enhance and grow their activities. Robust content rounds out the Arly solution with powerful professional development, tools, resources, and optional curriculum. It is a revolutionary tool that can help create lasting success for youth programs.

Youth and parents who are interested in learning more about Arly and how it can help with youth program management are encouraged to visit youthpowertour.org. They can sign up for updates and request a demo to see how Arly can help them succeed in building high-quality out of school youth programs. With Arly, youth programs can be streamlined and optimized to provide the best possible experience for young people.

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