Entrepreneur Turned Philanthropist: Inspiring Youth Through Music

The power of music is undeniable. It has the ability to bring people together, inspire and heal. For the children of the Detroit Children’s Choir, music is a way to express themselves and explore their passion for singing. This beloved institution has been a staple in Southeast Michigan for years, thanks in part to the dedicated work of individuals like Tanya R. Hill.

Tanya R. Hill is a well-known name in Detroit and beyond. She is recognized as the creator and founder of ForeverFresh, a line of disposable undergarments for adults and children. With over 34 years of experience managing day-to-day operations, Hill has expanded the product line for medical and retail industries, secured offshore manufacturing, and negotiated key accounts with national distributors and major hospital systems in Michigan. However, her passion for lifting up the community goes beyond entrepreneurship. As a member of the Board of the Detroit Children’s Choir, Tanya has provided opportunities to sing in several high-profile venues in the Detroit area.

The Detroit Children’s Choir comprises students in grades 3-12, representing diverse cultures and backgrounds from various cities in Southeast Michigan. The choir aims to develop music literacy, sight-reading skills, and proper vocal technique. The DCC engages children in singing through carefully selected music, including various American heritage music, classic children’s choral works, and texts in foreign languages. The choir members have had unique performing opportunities throughout the state, thanks to Tanya R. Hill’s efforts and dedication.

As a Detroit Children’s Choir board member, Tanya R. Hill has been instrumental in the choir’s success. Her passion for music and the performing arts, combined with her love for the community, has been evident in the opportunities provided to the choir members. Hill believes in the power of music to bring people together and the importance of offering children a chance to experience the joy of performing.

Tanya R. Hill’s dedication to the Detroit Children’s Choir has allowed the group to perform in several high-profile venues in the Detroit area. Through her work on the board, Hill has ensured that the choir has access to some of the best performance opportunities, inspiring young singers and allowing them to showcase their talent. The choir’s performances have included everything from singing the National Anthem at professional sporting events to performing in local concerts and festivals.

Hill’s contribution to the Detroit Children’s Choir is a testament to her dedication to the community and the arts. Through her work with the choir, Hill has demonstrated her belief in the power of music to inspire and bring people together. Her efforts have allowed young singers to experience the joy of performing and have enriched the cultural landscape of Detroit. As a Board Member at Large, Tanya R. Hill’s impact on the Detroit Children’s Choir will undoubtedly continue to be felt for years.

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