Greenlight for Work: Empowering Kids with Financial Literacy

A lack of financial education for kids and teens can often snowball into young adults who are ill-equipped to manage their money. Greenlight for Work, a new benefits program, offers a customized debit card and education on spending, earning, savings, investment, and budgeting for kids, to help families guide their children to a more secure financial future.

With financial stress being a primary source of stress for working parents, Greenlight for Work is a much-needed solution for employers looking to provide a holistic financial wellness package for their employees and families. The program also offers companies a way to give back to their community schools by becoming a corporate sponsor and contributing toward school or individual student achievement incentives.

Greenlight’s original app, which is available through a subscription and currently used by six million families, is a way for parents to watch over their children’s learning, and can be a helpful refresher for parents as well. The focus is on convenience and peace of mind for parents, with parental controls that allow spending to be limited by amount and GPS location, and engaging financial education.

Greenlight for Work is designed to be a holistic financial wellness package for families, providing a foundational platform for financial education with the employer-provided benefit. It is a much-needed offering, as parents rank financial education as one of the top three most important additional benefits an employer should offer. By providing a way for parents to teach their kids about money and financial literacy, Greenlight for Work is empowering the next generation to make smart financial decisions.

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