Philanthropy's Power: Transforming Detroit's Education Landscape

The city of Detroit has long been a beacon of strength and resilience, overcoming challenges and adversity time and again. But the future of Detroit’s youth is truly at stake in today’s ever-changing landscape. And it is individuals like Kerrie Mitchell who are making a significant impact on the future of these young leaders. Mitchell, the President and CEO of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Development, Branding, and Philanthropy, all of which she leverages to create a voice for tomorrow’s future leaders.

Mitchell’s journey began in journalism and radio broadcasting, but her passion for community-oriented organizations led her to pivot into marketing, communications, and public relations for nonprofits like the Detroit Police Athletic League and Boy Scouts of America Michigan Crossroads Council. Her most recent role was as the Executive Vice President of Strategy, Development, and Marketing for Matrix Human Services. Now, as the President and CEO of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, Mitchell is dedicated to creating and enhancing educational opportunities for DPSCD students, families, and educators.

The tax-exempt foundation is committed to supporting Detroit students by connecting schools and programs to supporters and awarding grants to teachers, schools, and non-profits operating in schools for programs and materials designed to enhance student’s educational experiences. Mitchell’s leadership has been essential in fulfilling the foundation’s mission, and her passion for providing children with new experiences during their pivotal years is transforming them into civic-minded adults. The foundation’s staff and a group of dedicated community leaders who volunteer their time and talent work daily to raise money and award grants, ensuring every student can receive a quality education.

Kerrie Mitchell’s work at the Detroit Public Schools Foundation is a true testament to the power of dedicated leadership in pursuing educational excellence. Her passion for creating a voice for future leaders and her years of experience in communications and marketing make her a valuable asset to the organization. Through Mitchell’s vision and tireless efforts, the Detroit Public Schools Foundation is making a significant impact on the future of Detroit’s youth, creating a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

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